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And then I looked at his eyes and saw that they were blue.

Just when I have a hankering for a good, old-fashioned alien and their human story, this shows up on my radar? It’s beautiful, it’s touching and it’s got pasta.  It’s “Kaitlin Out of Space” by Krishan Coupland and you should apply… Continue Reading →

Now you’re telling me that it’s basically older than time?

Hey, do you like sharks? Do you like space? Do you like a crew of a starship hunting what damnwell sound like space sharks? OK, even if you’re just here for the awesome science fiction, you should totally go read/listen… Continue Reading →

I even describe the details of her ribbon, releasing an extra flood of shame.

“The Husband Stitch” by Carmen Maria Machado. I clicked onto this story by accident, started reading it away, couldn’t put it down and promptly forgot what the hell I was doing in the first place.  It’s bold, it’s intimate, it’s… Continue Reading →

… like the whisper of scorpions’ legs through the bone fields, a gentle tickle laced with the promise of poison…

Everyone and your mother may have recommended “You’ll Surely Drown If You Stay Here” by Alyssa Wong to you.  I’m just here to remind you that it’s snotting awesome and makes me long to return to the desert myself.  You… Continue Reading →

We have had some unfortunate incidents of madness…

“Enyo-Enyo” by Kameron Hurley. I want to wear this story’s severed head around my neck to say I conquered it.  I know I never will.  That just makes me want to read it again! If you missed it the first… Continue Reading →

Scarlet flies everywhere. “They are eyeballs,” she says.

Today’s rec: “Only Calculate The Motion of Heavenly Bodies” by Marcia Richards– my apologies, I was not able to turn up a website with 100% certainty and chose to err on the side of not accidentally conflating Marcias.  Anyway, the… Continue Reading →

…laughing and twisting and breathing in that gunsmoke that turns your snot black like she’s a barracuda and it’s seawater…

Some of my recommendations here are going to be for slightly older things.  I decided to do this to share my favorite story bookmarks with the world, and because my favorite story bookmarks are getting out of hand.  That’s not… Continue Reading →

She looked like fire was running over her skin like spilled beer running across a table…

What are you doing right now? Well, you should be reading “Playing Prometheus” by Francis Rowat! Why? Because you like old women being badass and tugging at your heartstrings at the same time (as old women do).

Circle(s) In The Sand

A fabulous wedding collaboration with Awesome Librarian Girlfriend for her friends’ wedding. Before I get into the pretty pictures though, I want to take a moment to talk about the wedding itself.  We flew up over the weekend, ALB with… Continue Reading →

Who was it who wondered why more people don’t write songs about their mothers…

“Honorary Whites” by Christine Ro really punched me in my feels and my worldbuilding– it’s made of wonderful ouch and some of the most distinct character voices I’ve seen in short fiction in a long time.  And there’s a document… Continue Reading →

Something Blue

Made for Awesome Librarian Girlfriend!Mom’s Wedding! It was intended as a gift, but it happened to match her dress and she chose to wear it down the aisle, which was just the most touching thing until the ceremony started.  And… Continue Reading →

At work I am composed and civil and do not break anything…

Oh hey, you know what you should do this weekend? You should read the latest issue of Glittership, which is to say this. Rose Lembuerg is a super class act besides.  She’s only a few dollars away from unlocking a… Continue Reading →

So, Let Me Tell You Something Awesome

Besides an amazing coach, I also have a kickass editor.  Trust me, I need one.  The gentleman who was supposed to teach my class to use commas did it wrong on purpose.  Of course, my class in school was supposedly… Continue Reading →

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