I’m sure to some people this absolutely isn’t news.  But yet it might be for you and that’s why I’m pointing out that there’s a Lovecraftian horror gay romance series.  We actually live in a world where this is a thing!

It’s called Whyborne & Griffin.  It’s kind of absolutely the most amazing potatochippy series of books I have ever encountered.  You get corpses, entities beyond human comprehension and boys being adorably stupid at each other.  All in one series!

Also Our Lord And Savior Christine Putnam.

Did I mention the porn is smokin’? And… actually, I can’t mention my favorite thing because spoilers, but suffice it to say I was running around buying this for random people I know until I lost my credit card in San Francisco and I plan to resume once my new one has arrived.  It’s pitch black out and I’m running out to check my mailbox right now anyway.