A fabulous wedding collaboration with Awesome Librarian Girlfriend for her friends’ wedding.

Before I get into the pretty pictures though, I want to take a moment to talk about the wedding itself.  We flew up over the weekend, ALB with lots of perfectly dignified books to read on the planes and me with a 1992 sci-fi paperback I found in a bin.  We stayed with one of her friends at a super quaint independent hotel in Massachusetts, which was a new experience for me: I’d never been to Massachusetts before.  Friend and I got into the port at the hotel restaurant and very long story short, I believe Friend is now also my friend! But, I tend to enjoy the company of anyone who tells ALB to stop being adorable.  It’s useless and also we have matching pajamas, which makes it doubly so.

The wedding itself took place outside in a park by a lake, fabulous picturesque scene.  The brides could not have picked a more amazing venue! But, then again, the wedding itself took center stage.  Does anyone know what happens when two musical theater geeks get married? Well, the wedding is literally a musical.  Programs styled like playbills! Singing!  Poetry! Surprise dance numbers at the reception!

No, that part’s not a joke.  A bunch of the guests put on “To Life” complete with choreography.  I kept asking myself if this was actually happening… and it kept actually happening.  Congratulations, Julie and Anna!  ALB and I are still sorry we had to dash out The Graduate-style* due to the flight schedule.

You’re probably not surprised we named your necklaces after a song.


Circle(s) In The Sand: Custom Swarovski Urchin Stones, Galvanized Miyuki seedbeads, Czech Charlottes, colored wire, sterling and gold-filled clasps.


* Secretly, I had always wanted to do this, but ideally at a bummer wedding which yours was decidedly not.