I mentioned this blog wasn’t work safe, right? It’s kind of not work safe.

Write! is still working out great and the company still hasn’t paid me a cent for saying this.  I’m just that happy with the service.  I don’t have to fuss with it at all unless I’m setting a maximum wordcount and I’m not sure I have words for how much I appreciate that.  And the automatic backups– those are sweet, especially for someone who lived through a grand old computer crash back in the day.  My only wish is that it ran on my Chromebook.  I understand this isn’t a feasible platform addition for a lot of developers– that, or it’s one they’re already knee deep in by the time they start making programs/apps/whatever the kids are calling them these days –but it would be just the sweetest thing in the world if I could fire Write! up outside at the picnic table.

In fact, I actually tried to do that installing Linux on my Chromebook thing.  It didn’t work out at all, but it was worth the half a chance I would have had access to Write! .  I still don’t and I managed to cook a couple pictures I wanted for inspirational purposes.

I failed to mention before, but I am not actually crazy about Google Docs.  It’s slow and bright and loud.  I mean, it does everything its supposed to be, but it comes with a great sense of of the superfluous and is kind of ugly.  I’m not just saying any of this because my editor and I just managed to butt heads in it in part because of laggy updates and in part because I’m about as bright as a bucket of Vantablack sometimes.

So, I tried Dropbox paper as a Chromebook stopgap and planned to do a lot of pasting with my life.  The thing is, I still don’t know about Paper.  I’ve drafted two stories in it and used it to give feedback on another, but I still can’t do more than scratch my head when I think of it.  It’s got every annoyance and delightful quirk of Dropbox itself in setup that allows the generation of words.  Its so confusing to me.  On one hand, the interface is super light and breezy.  On the other, I can’t find my stuff without searching and I keep accidentally bringing up the insert menu when I’m trying to write about penises.  I would just like some quality penis time, Paper.  I know you’re trying to help, but you’re a minimalist word processor.  You job is to wait for me to ask for help and you’re kind of being all nosy instead.  I guess if I had to describe paper, it’s the most over-eager light processor I have ever personally fallen into, and as I mentioned before, I have fallen into a lot, often with penises riding behind because this is my life now.