Besides an amazing coach, I also have a kickass editor.  Trust me, I need one.  The gentleman who was supposed to teach my class to use commas did it wrong on purpose.  Of course, my class in school was supposedly the worst one that had ever gone through the local system, so I can’t really say I blame him.  Also, I like to think this was his petty revenge on us more than I like the idea I’ve actually switched into a parallel universe where no commas ever go where I think because that would be weird…

My copyeditor is Kim Eun-Byeol.  There’s a reason you recognize that name from the Rhysling Award nominations.  Well, this woman needed a nomination to prove her awesome like The Rocky Horror Picture Show needs a remake: not at all.

She once got close to 6K that I wrote while massively strung out on cold brew ready for submission in ten days.

If you’ve ever been there, or even if you haven’t, let me tell you, she is worth every penny.

She doesn’t hesitate to tell you when you need fire, but by the same token, she leaves the best encouraging notes in the world.  So, you’ll enjoy being told you need fire.  And if you want to get better at your craft, take your fire with her wisdom and her love.  It’ll be aces.

If you think of it, maybe tell her M. sent you.  You need to visit her though way more than I need a referral.  Oh, and her Patreon’s up too if that’s more you jam.