Little late for a New Year’s post, but it turns out one of my roommate’s has a tradition of cleaning ALL OF THE THINGS on the first.  I was down with that.  It kind of took all day and we still didn’t get all of the pine needles up being as that’s impossible and all, but still.

Yesterday? Well, yesterday I spent making a brand new mess in my WiP file.  Some of it’s all new all the time, some of it’s from older outlines and some of it has actually been lying around for a year not doing anything in particular.

I absolutely believe I’m not beholden to old notes or notes I have stopped liking for whatever reason.  I have no problem getting rid of broken tangible stuff or stuff that has ceased to bring me joy.  I actually spoke with some of my family about that last part over the holiday and apparently my willingness to replace and dispose of confuses them.  “Why didn’t you take your pint glasses?” my sister asked.  Because I moved to an area with a lousy beer scene, the glasses weren’t appropriate for the kinds of beers I like to begin with and holy crap, have you ever tried to move with pint glasses? At least one of them was destined to explode.  I told her she could have them

But, out and out disposing of notes, snippets and phrase tidbits has somewhat eluded me.  I have stopped looking at them as some kind of gospel, but some of them are fun out of context and some of them might lead to other thing.

So, my goals for the year, now that I’ve bequeathed my pint glasses to my sister and all.

-Finish a novel draft

-Send some shorter stuff out into the world

-Learn a martial art

-Post a bead pattern for sale

-Read more

I also tend to look New Year’s resolutions as self-improvement opportunities not world-improvement opportunities.  I mean, I can see the second one, but it’s just not what works for me.  The world is significantly larger than my note stash.  I know I have control of myself for at least some definitions of control.  The world’s going to do its own thing regardless.

At least I’m starting with a clean house.  That’s pretty cool.

I wish everyone reading this the best with their own resolutions.  Writing or no writing.  Beer or no beer.  World or… actually, we kind of need the world for the whole existing thing.  Anyway, happy new year.