So, the system I’ve been using to keep track of drafts and chapters and installments was perilously outdated.  All of my writing lived on my computer and got backed up onto a detachable hard drive.  The cloud was not involved.  Notes lived in much the same way, only in a notebook sorted by every color the system would give me.

I decided to try a new system in 2015.  I started by updating Scrivener, which was, alas, still Scrivener once I finished.  I don’t know, that program just never worked for me.  It’s distracting and seems to think much too highly of itself.  I never even felt comfortable keeping notes in there and only in there.  I’m saying I seriously backed up everything I ever put in Scrivener.

I then attempted GoogleDocs.  GoogleDocs doesn’t have a draft view and tends to drop my documents into some weird hammerspace when I fist save, meaning I have to move them.  Manually.  From another window.  The search is lightning-fast– as it should be for Google –but in the end, the noisy display up top killed it for me.

I tried WordMonkey.  A yes, delicious simplicity! So, why was it so slow? Why was everything set on gray while the program chugged along with simple text documents? Unable to find a reason, or expand the piddly draft-display size, I gave up on that pretty quickly.

But, not a quickly as I did Write!.  Write! is speifically setup to prevent authors from placing blank between paragraphs.  You can’t type them in.  If you paste in something with blank lines, the program eats them, making them either evaporate, turn into conditional formatting, or evolve into three big, honking lines with conditional formatting.  I’m saying the enter key doesn’t actually work in Write!.  And it took me twenty minutes to figure this out.

Write! team- your product is broken if you can’t just let us use a goddamn enter key like a goddamn enter key.  Go work for Microsoft if you’re so obsessed with leading people around by the nose.  Seriously.

In a last effort this morning, I tried to log into Adobe Buzzword which I used for many years.  Buzzword no longer exists.

So, it’s January 31 of 2015.  The system I’ve been using to keep track of drafts and chapters and installments is still perilously outdated.  All of my writing lives on my computer and got backed up onto a cloud drive.  Once I pick one, I mean.

Let’s not even talk about how badly I missed my word count goals due to messing around with this and, well, me being me.

My goal in 2016 is 360,000 words, plus change as applicable.  I want to help get at least Arc 1 of Jealous of Roses neatened up.  I want to write a novel.  I think I’ll stick with Word and paper cards to do this.  I mean, the alternative is another year wading through people who think they can improve on enter keys.

Happy New Year, everyone who knows better.  Shine on.  Be you.  May your porn warm hearts and loins across our galaxy this year.