October 2017

Jealous of Roses Halloween Short: Potentiality

The air was cool and crisp, the moon bright, and the highway quiet as a graveyard beneath it.  Two figures crouched in in a dell choked with weeds.  The tattered husks of the lantern berries that grew along the hillside… Continue Reading →

We have had some unfortunate incidents of madness…

“Enyo-Enyo” by Kameron Hurley. I want to wear this story’s severed head around my neck to say I conquered it.  I know I never will.  That just makes me want to read it again! If you missed it the first… Continue Reading →

Scarlet flies everywhere. “They are eyeballs,” she says.

Today’s rec: “Only Calculate The Motion of Heavenly Bodies” by Marcia Richards– my apologies, I was not able to turn up a website with 100% certainty and chose to err on the side of not accidentally conflating Marcias.  Anyway, the… Continue Reading →

…laughing and twisting and breathing in that gunsmoke that turns your snot black like she’s a barracuda and it’s seawater…

Some of my recommendations here are going to be for slightly older things.  I decided to do this to share my favorite story bookmarks with the world, and because my favorite story bookmarks are getting out of hand.  That’s not… Continue Reading →

Are Wedding Necklaces A Thing Now?

Because this one is like the fourth one I’ve made this year and I have two more to do. I made this one for Liz‘s sister based a photo exchange between Liz and I where she posted actual images and… Continue Reading →

She looked like fire was running over her skin like spilled beer running across a table…

What are you doing right now? Well, you should be reading “Playing Prometheus” by Francis Rowat! Why? Because you like old women being badass and tugging at your heartstrings at the same time (as old women do).

Escape Velocity 2017

I got to go to Escape Velocity 2017 and it was actually totally awesome, despite the fact I’ve taken so long to post about it.  See, I didn’t actually know that I was going until the day before.  I’m pretty… Continue Reading →

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