September 2017

Circle(s) In The Sand

A fabulous wedding collaboration with Awesome Librarian Girlfriend for her friends’ wedding. Before I get into the pretty pictures though, I want to take a moment to talk about the wedding itself.  We flew up over the weekend, ALB with… Continue Reading →

Who was it who wondered why more people don’t write songs about their mothers…

“Honorary Whites” by Christine Ro really punched me in my feels and my worldbuilding– it’s made of wonderful ouch and some of the most distinct character voices I’ve seen in short fiction in a long time.  And there’s a document… Continue Reading →

Something Blue

Made for Awesome Librarian Girlfriend!Mom’s Wedding! It was intended as a gift, but it happened to match her dress and she chose to wear it down the aisle, which was just the most touching thing until the ceremony started.  And… Continue Reading →

I Feel This Conversation May Be Worth Mentioning

As followers of my Instagram (or my Twitter now that native posting works) probably noticed, Awesome Librarian Girlfriend and I went to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo on Saturday, because we are adults and we can decide to visit the zoo at… Continue Reading →

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