October 2016

Halloween Short: Half A Smile

Standalone Half A Smile Words: ~3,000 Rating: R Warnings: Violence, Blood, Gore Version 1.2     When she sees the girl for the first time, she’s naked, dirty and thin, just like all of the other human furniture.  There are… Continue Reading →

Jealous of Roses Halloween Short: Starshit

So hey, fun fact everyone! When you tell your awesome writing coach that you can’t write horror, your next assignment will be to write horror.  Every day.  For a week.  Here’s my first ride on the scary-go-round.  Hopefully, I didn’t… Continue Reading →

I Have Been Absolved, Part II

Continuing on from last week… I’ve been having people tell me my character’s are appealing, even loveable, for years.  I would never begrudge those compliments.  In fact, they’ve gotten me through a lot of my revisions.  But, something I learned… Continue Reading →

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