February 2016

A Post About A Needle Case

As kind of a follow-up/response/thought sprung from this post, I want to talk about my Stupid Expensive Needle Case. Like I said in my comment over there, of course hammers bring me joy.  I love smashing things.  Sure, I could… Continue Reading →

One More Fishmas Necklace

Please excuse the long silence there! I was busily relocating… into a mountain of snow.  As one does.  And being furious at people from my past, also as one does.  Which isn’t to say I’ve been idle: I have lots… Continue Reading →

Amy Sterling Casil: I Do Not Accept Your Apology

And I never will.  You’ve claimed you had only good intentions writing this ridiculous waste of electrons.  I know you did not.  I know for a fact you have no sympathy for people who are different than you, and that… Continue Reading →

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