December 2015

Something I Tried To Do In 2015 That Didn’t Work Out

So, the system I’ve been using to keep track of drafts and chapters and installments was perilously outdated.  All of my writing lived on my computer and got backed up onto a detachable hard drive.  The cloud was not involved…. Continue Reading →

Fishmas Necklaces

Super proud of the holiday necklaces for this year! I’d originally planned to do something different for Bangarang, but fell in love with the matte textured cabochons.  The bar beads were kind of a whim.  Also, I promised the person… Continue Reading →

Bead & Button Show 2016

It’s that time of year again. The class catalogue just came out for this year’s Bead and Button show in Milwaukee. The classes are browsable online, although there will be some additions and deletions as the show approaches. I’m not… Continue Reading →

Hey, did I ever tell you about the time…?

That. Just that. The thing I just said. Did I ever tell you about the time? Apparently, I say that a lot, or so I was informed– cheerfully, I should disclaim –at my holiday party for work. And yes, it… Continue Reading →

Jealous of Roses 01-002: Welcome To My Parlor

Jealous of Roses Arc 01: Blind Hearts Story 002: Welcome To My Parlor Verson 3.0 by SWL, M Raoulee et al. Rated: PG   Alexandra Duclos had cancelled her appointments for that morning as soon as she’d laid eyes on… Continue Reading →

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