November 2015

Jealous of Roses 01-001: Sneaking In Flip-Flops

Jealous of Roses Arc 01: Blind Hearts Story 001: Sneaking In Flip-Flops Verson 3.0 by SWL, M Raoulee et al. Rated: PG   Siebenkäs came across his bed in the barely blue dawn and rubbed his eyes as if he… Continue Reading →

The Un-Desk

So, let me tell you about my desk. I don’t have one and I have never had one. You might be wondering how this happened, especially since I come from a family of geeks and amateur writers. Would not at… Continue Reading →

Yes, But Am I Happy With This Intro?

I write to get away from beads and and I bead to get away from words.   It didn’t always used to be that way.  I’m still kind of surprised that I ended up in this situation.   No one… Continue Reading →

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