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“Love Letters” Now On Lackington’

You can read it here. Thanks again to the wonderful staff at Lackington’s and all of the other contributors who inspired me to join them. I had a great experience with this venue and it was a joy overall to… Continue Reading →

Delicious Guest Blog

I have a guest blog about writing, inspiration and darkwave up at ! Firstly, everything in the post is true! Second, The available stories references are “Lantern Tree” at Wizards in Space (the roommate story),”Zero, Twenty-Two” at Strange Constellations… Continue Reading →

“Love Letters From Velveteen” Now At Lackington’s!

You can get your copy of the Magics issue riiiiight here. The story of “Love Letters From Velveteen” begins with something that might sound familiar. I had one thing already going, got annoyed with it, had a drink and started… Continue Reading →

Wizards In Space 3 with “Lantern Tree” Now Available

You can grab it right here. I’m so excited to be in this welcoming, inclusive anthology! Let me tell you just a little bit about my contribution. “Lantern Tree” is the direct result of me announcing, “OK FINE. I’ll just… Continue Reading →

Zoom! It’s out!

And by it I mean Broken Metropolis! Sooo this would not be the story I meant to send in. No, this isn’t a repeat of the attaching the wrong damn draft like what happened with “Edge of Everything”.  It’s much… Continue Reading →

“Memorial” & Other Fantastic Publication Updates

Joy and lobsters! Not only does my story “Memorial” appear in Planet Scumm #4, it’s also available on the official Planet Scumm archive for you to read right now.  Or whenever.  I do highly recommend the print version because the… Continue Reading →

Robot. Dinosaurs.

That’s right! All of the robot dinosaurs you can stand. In particular, you can check out “Hunting On Ethera” by someone you might know… I’d like to thank  by A. Merc Rustad [tweet] & Kelsey Liggett [tweet] for all of their hard work getting this… Continue Reading →

Where have I been, you ask?

Why, writing about alchemy-powered motorcycles and robot dinosaurs! Not sure what you might have thought I was up to.  …wait, don’t answer that. First of all, I have a story called “Neon” in Broken Metropolis. Available for preorder from Mason… Continue Reading →


I had someone tell me once that my writing and my beadwork seemed to be along the same lines– everything meticulously chosen and ordered.  Well, first of all, that’s an amazing compliment and I definitely took it to heart  … Continue Reading →

Zero, Twenty-Two

As in that in that new thing I just had published.  You can read it right here on Strange Constellations.  Why would you do that? Well, maybe you like fighter pilots.  How about tarot? As in card game, oddly enough. … Continue Reading →

Quiet AF: The Fuckening

I mentioned this blog wasn’t work safe, right? It’s kind of not work safe. Write! is still working out great and the company still hasn’t paid me a cent for saying this.  I’m just that happy with the service.  I… Continue Reading →

Quiet AF

I don’t think my third time trying Scrivener has worked out after all. If I’m right— and I fear that this one time that I was so sure I could make it work that I actually paid for it is,… Continue Reading →

What? It’s A Good Hat.

I got a request to go over my methods from an unexpected source.  In the interests of satisfying their curiosity, here’s a summary of what it’s like being me when I have my writer hat on. Step One: Bunnies >… Continue Reading →

So, Let Me Tell You Something Awesome

Besides an amazing coach, I also have a kickass editor.  Trust me, I need one.  The gentleman who was supposed to teach my class to use commas did it wrong on purpose.  Of course, my class in school was supposedly… Continue Reading →

“Edge of Everything” is out now!

You can buy it, and a lot of other cool stories, here.  Or here. I talked about what happened while writing “Edge of Everything” in this post and this other one. None of them mention the fact I wrote almost… Continue Reading →

Three Stories

I. I get the idea looking over a book of literary criticism of another book I’ve never actually read.  I do read it.  I’m not disappointed exactly.  I knew going in that I had my own idea.  I try writing… Continue Reading →

“Don’t do the thing.” / *continues to do the thing*

I was tempted to open this post up with “I don’t learn well”, but that might not be exactly true.  Some things I learn very well.  Someone could show me a new bead stitch today and I’d be getting into… Continue Reading →

Obligatory New Year’s Post

Little late for a New Year’s post, but it turns out one of my roommate’s has a tradition of cleaning ALL OF THE THINGS on the first.  I was down with that.  It kind of took all day and we… Continue Reading →

Halloween Short: Half A Smile

Standalone Half A Smile Words: ~3,000 Rating: R Warnings: Violence, Blood, Gore Version 1.2     When she sees the girl for the first time, she’s naked, dirty and thin, just like all of the other human furniture.  There are… Continue Reading →

I Have Been Absolved, Part II

Continuing on from last week… I’ve been having people tell me my character’s are appealing, even loveable, for years.  I would never begrudge those compliments.  In fact, they’ve gotten me through a lot of my revisions.  But, something I learned… Continue Reading →

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