Posts about beadwork. I don’t have a snarky comment for this one.


I had someone tell me once that my writing and my beadwork seemed to be along the same lines– everything meticulously chosen and ordered.  Well, first of all, that’s an amazing compliment and I definitely took it to heart  … Continue Reading →

Are Wedding Necklaces A Thing Now?

Because this one is like the fourth one I’ve made this year and I have two more to do. I made this one for Liz‘s sister based a photo exchange between Liz and I where she posted actual images and… Continue Reading →

Circle(s) In The Sand

A fabulous wedding collaboration with Awesome Librarian Girlfriend for her friends’ wedding. Before I get into the pretty pictures though, I want to take a moment to talk about the wedding itself.  We flew up over the weekend, ALB with… Continue Reading →

Something Blue

Made for Awesome Librarian Girlfriend!Mom’s Wedding! It was intended as a gift, but it happened to match her dress and she chose to wear it down the aisle, which was just the most touching thing until the ceremony started.  And… Continue Reading →


      So, one of my roommates fell head-over-heels in love with the center stone, a giant, vintage Dark Vitrail rounded triangle.  I promised her I’d bezel it for her no matter what.  Well, it took a few tries,… Continue Reading →


    I absolutely can’t resist mounting unfoiled stones upside-down.  Well, if they have an upside down.  When they do, magic occurs.  Just look at that fabulous point. This was my mom’s birthday present.  She still managed to put it… Continue Reading →


    Another holiday gift.  This one is named after a character from “The Christmas Toy” special the Muppets did in the 80’s, family’s favorite holiday movie back in the day.  Wait, what do I mean was? We’re still all really… Continue Reading →

Bead and Button Show 2017

I’m not able to attend this year, but this stopped me from picking out my twelve favorite classes not at all. Mitate Garden by Staphine Eddy: a beading adventure.  Imagine playing with the colors of all of those unusual shapes…. Continue Reading →

Velociraptor’s Heart

    This one was a trip and a half to make.  The client picked out the stones and said natural.  It turns out that the teardrops are much easier to bezel– even in embroidery –than the modern oval rivolis…. Continue Reading →


  Not a commission, but a belated gift for my grandmother.  Her favorite color is purple and she loves embroidery.  I got the idea for this particular pendant while sorting strip club records at work… and if this woman is… Continue Reading →


      The last of my holiday commissions, I nonetheless think Elizabeth is my favorite.  She was done on rather short notice and isn’t a color combination I usually gravitate too, but wow does she pack a punch.  Plus,… Continue Reading →


My very first commission in my new stomping grounds.  The customer and I were carrying on around July 4th and this ended up turning into the necklace.  She specifically wanted to name it when she saw it in person, so… Continue Reading →

Retro-Futurism I Necklace

I got my Laura McCabe on for this necklace which I made for Mum’s birthday this year (and to help her get closure on something shitty that happened to us, but that is a long story), but I didn’t manage to… Continue Reading →

A Post About A Needle Case

As kind of a follow-up/response/thought sprung from this post, I want to talk about my Stupid Expensive Needle Case. Like I said in my comment over there, of course hammers bring me joy.  I love smashing things.  Sure, I could… Continue Reading →

One More Fishmas Necklace

Please excuse the long silence there! I was busily relocating… into a mountain of snow.  As one does.  And being furious at people from my past, also as one does.  Which isn’t to say I’ve been idle: I have lots… Continue Reading →

Fishmas Necklaces

Super proud of the holiday necklaces for this year! I’d originally planned to do something different for Bangarang, but fell in love with the matte textured cabochons.  The bar beads were kind of a whim.  Also, I promised the person… Continue Reading →

Bead & Button Show 2016

It’s that time of year again. The class catalogue just came out for this year’s Bead and Button show in Milwaukee. The classes are browsable online, although there will be some additions and deletions as the show approaches. I’m not… Continue Reading →

Yes, But Am I Happy With This Intro?

I write to get away from beads and and I bead to get away from words.   It didn’t always used to be that way.  I’m still kind of surprised that I ended up in this situation.   No one… Continue Reading →

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