Wizards In Space 3 with “Lantern Tree” Now Available

Wizards In Space 3 In A Palo Verde Tree You can grab it right here. I’m so excited to be in this welcoming, inclusive anthology! Let me tell you just a little bit about my contribution. “Lantern Tree” is the… Continue Reading →

Black Mountain

So, after many years of accidentally doing many terrible things to many otherwise innocent scraps of shibori ribbon, Odin from Odin’s Bead hall helped me make this fantastic necklace! I was inspired by the actual Black Mountain and could see… Continue Reading →

Zoom! It’s out!

And by it I mean Broken Metropolis! Sooo this would not be the story I meant to send in. No, this isn’t a repeat of the attaching the wrong damn draft like what happened with “Edge of Everything”.  It’s much… Continue Reading →

Odin’s Bead Hall

I know I’ve posted a lot about beading lately… but hold on while I do it again.  Today’s content is a little bit different anyway. You might have noticed that I don’t post pictures of beadwork I make from other… Continue Reading →

Looking Glass

    Sometimes, all you need is some giant Swarovski and some herringbone with bubbles.  Bezelling large stones is mosely about persistence! And making sure you get an even number on the first round.

Since You Left I’ve Been Watching

  This is actually my mother’s Christmas gift.  The central bezel is raised in the back so that the gumdrop drops (which move between sixteen and five around… yes really) swing better.  I had a great time making this even… Continue Reading →

“Memorial” & Other Fantastic Publication Updates

Joy and lobsters! Not only does my story “Memorial” appear in Planet Scumm #4, it’s also available on the official Planet Scumm archive for you to read right now.  Or whenever.  I do highly recommend the print version because the… Continue Reading →


      A super emergency Christmas necklace! I made this in a night and a half with things I luckily had on hand.  Love the Luminous Green with the Peridot Shimmer.  I never thought I’d go for green and… Continue Reading →

Last Of The Wedding Necklaces

    This one also doesn’t really have a title.  I really got smashed with these in June of last year, and while I’m proud of this (with it’s deeply eccentric attachment method for the firepolishes), it slipped my mind… Continue Reading →

Bead & Button Show 2018

  Super late, but I wanted to talk about the exceptional, fun & avant-garde necklaces that were available this year.  Really, a fantastic selection.  I listed a bunch here on my Pinterest for anyone who’s interested. I’m not sure if Betty… Continue Reading →

Tiny, Belated Wedding Necklace

    It wasn’t actually late to its own wedding! I just forgot to post it in all of the excitement of the end of 2017.  Anyway modern Swarovski with Japanese seed beads.  This is the only picture I got… Continue Reading →

Robot. Dinosaurs.

That’s right! All of the robot dinosaurs you can stand. In particular, you can check out “Hunting On Ethera” by someone you might know… I’d like to thank  by A. Merc Rustad [tweet] & Kelsey Liggett [tweet] for all of their hard work getting this… Continue Reading →

Where have I been, you ask?

Why, writing about alchemy-powered motorcycles and robot dinosaurs! Not sure what you might have thought I was up to.  …wait, don’t answer that. First of all, I have a story called “Neon” in Broken Metropolis. Available for preorder from Mason… Continue Reading →

So, there’s a story called “Regarding the Robot Raccoons Attached to the Hull of My Ship”

It’s by by Rachael K. Jones and Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali. I really don’t think I can give it a better introduction than the title.  I mean, just look at that glorious thing.

So, they ate her, right? They totally ate her.

So, who wants some xenobiology in a charming, unique format that will make you cheer almost as much as the story itself? It’s totally is you.  Even if it’s not, my I recommend “The Evaluators:  To Trade You Must Adapt”… Continue Reading →

Her work erases her, or she disappears inside it.

OK, so first of all, I completely spaced on how many of these I had lined up and second of all I fell on the ice (like everyone else on the east coast of the US); meaning I am both… Continue Reading →

And then I looked at his eyes and saw that they were blue.

Just when I have a hankering for a good, old-fashioned alien and their human story, this shows up on my radar? It’s beautiful, it’s touching and it’s got pasta.  It’s “Kaitlin Out of Space” by Krishan Coupland and you should apply… Continue Reading →

And yet, even trapped in these maladapted skins, this world doesn’t want to change.

It’s one of the most loving portrayals of a truly alien being I’ve ever read, it’s also gloriously gross and it will leave you with something to ponder that’s definitely not holiday cheer.  It’s “The Things” by Peter Watts. Because… Continue Reading →

Now you’re telling me that it’s basically older than time?

Hey, do you like sharks? Do you like space? Do you like a crew of a starship hunting what damnwell sound like space sharks? OK, even if you’re just here for the awesome science fiction, you should totally go read/listen… Continue Reading →

I even describe the details of her ribbon, releasing an extra flood of shame.

“The Husband Stitch” by Carmen Maria Machado. I clicked onto this story by accident, started reading it away, couldn’t put it down and promptly forgot what the hell I was doing in the first place.  It’s bold, it’s intimate, it’s… Continue Reading →

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