So, one of my roommates fell head-over-heels in love with the center stone, a giant, vintage Dark Vitrail rounded triangle.  I promised her I’d bezel it for her no matter what.  Well, it took a few tries,… Continue Reading →

    I absolutely can’t resist mounting unfoiled stones upside-down.  Well, if they have an upside down.  When they do, magic occurs.  Just look at that fabulous point. This was my mom’s birthday present.  She still managed to put it… Continue Reading →

Flowers Blooming On A Cliffside

  And now, a super late post of my Awesome Librarian Girlfriend’s Fishmas gift! Well, it was late period, but only just showing it now is admittedly pretty sad on my part.  Anyway, that’s a vintage Czech stone with four… Continue Reading →

At work I am composed and civil and do not break anything…

Oh hey, you know what you should do this weekend? You should read the latest issue of Glittership, which is to say this. Rose Lembuerg is a super class act besides.  She’s only a few dollars away from unlocking a… Continue Reading →

What? It’s A Good Hat.

I got a request to go over my methods from an unexpected source.  In the interests of satisfying their curiosity, here’s a summary of what it’s like being me when I have my writer hat on. Step One: Bunnies >… Continue Reading →

M. Raoulee Reviews Ghost In The Shell So You Don’t Have To Suffer

Short Version I bought a cup of wine before I went in.  The clerk told me to enjoy the wine; didn’t mention the movie. I took two sips out of it before the film started, resolving to save the rest… Continue Reading →

So, Let Me Tell You Something Awesome

Besides an amazing coach, I also have a kickass editor.  Trust me, I need one.  The gentleman who was supposed to teach my class to use commas did it wrong on purpose.  Of course, my class in school was supposedly… Continue Reading →


So, the one thing I deeply regret in my life turned out to be that I didn’t pay attention in shop class.  Why not? I was busy writing and the teachers either A) had an acute smoker’s cough not parsable… Continue Reading →

“Edge of Everything” is out now!

You can buy it, and a lot of other cool stories, here.  Or here. I talked about what happened while writing “Edge of Everything” in this post and this other one. None of them mention the fact I wrote almost… Continue Reading →


    Another holiday gift.  This one is named after a character from “The Christmas Toy” special the Muppets did in the 80’s, family’s favorite holiday movie back in the day.  Wait, what do I mean was? We’re still all really… Continue Reading →

Three Stories

I. I get the idea looking over a book of literary criticism of another book I’ve never actually read.  I do read it.  I’m not disappointed exactly.  I knew going in that I had my own idea.  I try writing… Continue Reading →

Bead and Button Show 2017

I’m not able to attend this year, but this stopped me from picking out my twelve favorite classes not at all. Mitate Garden by Staphine Eddy: a beading adventure.  Imagine playing with the colors of all of those unusual shapes…. Continue Reading →

“Don’t do the thing.” / *continues to do the thing*

I was tempted to open this post up with “I don’t learn well”, but that might not be exactly true.  Some things I learn very well.  Someone could show me a new bead stitch today and I’d be getting into… Continue Reading →

Velociraptor’s Heart

    This one was a trip and a half to make.  The client picked out the stones and said natural.  It turns out that the teardrops are much easier to bezel– even in embroidery –than the modern oval rivolis…. Continue Reading →

Obligatory New Year’s Post

Little late for a New Year’s post, but it turns out one of my roommate’s has a tradition of cleaning ALL OF THE THINGS on the first.  I was down with that.  It kind of took all day and we… Continue Reading →


  Not a commission, but a belated gift for my grandmother.  Her favorite color is purple and she loves embroidery.  I got the idea for this particular pendant while sorting strip club records at work… and if this woman is… Continue Reading →


      The last of my holiday commissions, I nonetheless think Elizabeth is my favorite.  She was done on rather short notice and isn’t a color combination I usually gravitate too, but wow does she pack a punch.  Plus,… Continue Reading →

Not The Week I Expected

My 2016 has not been wonderful.  I mean, it could have been worse, a lot worse even.  I successfully got new digs.  I adopted the a cat that resembles a Muppet.  I got to see Laura McCabe and walk in… Continue Reading →

Halloween Short: Half A Smile

Standalone Half A Smile Words: ~3,000 Rating: R Warnings: Violence, Blood, Gore Version 1.2     When she sees the girl for the first time, she’s naked, dirty and thin, just like all of the other human furniture.  There are… Continue Reading →

Jealous of Roses Halloween Short: Starshit

So hey, fun fact everyone! When you tell your awesome writing coach that you can’t write horror, your next assignment will be to write horror.  Every day.  For a week.  Here’s my first ride on the scary-go-round.  Hopefully, I didn’t… Continue Reading →

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